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Coccyx Support Wedge Seat Cushion

Item Number: 60-2869B

  • Uniquely designed with expanded seat front and ortho-firm cushion for improved leg and back support
  • Smooth teardrop-shaped rear cutout effectively removes pressure in coccyx
  • Added no-slip rubber backing prevents cushion from sliding, regardless of seating type
  • 100% polyester cover is easily removable and completely washable
  • Ideally fit for any vehicle seat, airplane seat, wheelchair, office chair or wherever prolonged seating is required

Product Information

The 60-2869B is one of the best values you’ll find in a wedge seat cushion today. The design includes a number of enhancements with functionally sound orthopedic benefits in mind. For example, the seat front has been expanded an extra inch forward. That might not seem like much, but an extra inch goes a long way towards improving leg and overall seating support. Not only that, the rounded rear cutout is shaped to more effectively remove pressure in the coccyx (tailbone) area, and the cushion is more ortho-firm. All of these features work together to deliver an improved orthopedic seating experience. And the fact that the cover is removable and 100% washable allows you to use it over and over. It’s ideal for any vehicle seating, airplane seating, wheelchair or wherever prolonged seating is required. Offered by Relaxzen, an early innovator in massage seating and part of the Comfort Products family. With a history dating back to 1919, Comfort Products specializes in affordable products for better living.

Product Warranty

Comfort Products warrants this product to be free from defects in material and workmanship for 1 year.

Mfg Model # 60-2869B
Mfg Name Coccyx Support Wedge Seat Cushion
Material Polyester
Brand Relaxzen
Warranty Type 1 Year Warranty
Product Dimensions
Overall Width Assembled 17.71
Overall Depth Assembled 16.92
Overall Height Assembled (MAX) 2.95
Overall Pounds Assembled .56
Package Dimensions
Width 17.71
Depth 16.92
Height 2.95
Pounds .56
Seating Dimensions
Seating Area Width 17.71
Seating Area Depth 16.92